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Round 2 for more school supplies pickup on Friday September 25th

We have gathered more supplies for the students to come pick up. Please come at your child’s time listed below. If you have multiple students you will have to make multiple trips, this is to prevent long lines and wait time. We are trying to avoid the hour wait like the last time. It is very important to please come pick up the supplies for your child. Reading materials will be included in this pick up. This pickup is for the students doing the Virtual Learning Program as well. Just mention VLP and the grade when you are picking up.

Here is the schedule for Friday September, 25th distribution.

5th – 9-10

4th 10-11

3rd 11-12

2nd 12-1

1st 1-2

KDG 2-3

Weekly free meal distributions on Fridays during online

Dearborn Public Schools is continuing to offer a weekly distribution of free student meals during online learning. 

The district distributes meals every Friday from 10:30 to 1 p.m. at 15 locations.  Each bag contains breakfast and lunch for the week for one child.  Any adult or older student can come and pick up the meals for any child 18 or younger in the household or any older special education student still attending Dearborn Public Schools.  Students do not need to attend the building distributing the food. 

With the restart of school online, the district doubled the number of locations where student meals are distributed.  Meals will be available for pickup at Bryant Middle School, Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford High School, Fordson High School, Henry Ford Elementary, the Dearborn Heights Campus (Howe/STEM/Berry Center), Lowrey School, Maples Elementary, McCollough-Unis, McDonald Elementary, Miller Elementary, Salina Intermediate, Smith Middle School, Stout Middle School and Woodworth Middle School. 

At most locations, adults will be able to stay in their vehicles and pull up to have food loaded in their car.

Initially, the district was preparing to gather student names and student ID numbers for each meal pack distributed during the new school year. However, a last minute change from the U.S. Department of Agriculture allowed us to postpone collecting student information.  Currently, we expect to be required to start collecting student information for each meal by the end of December, if not sooner.  When that change happens, parents will be encouraged to pre-order their meal packs through the Nutrislice system. Then student information can be entered once into the app instead of provided to staff at each meal pickup.

The meal distribution program will also change when the district moves back towards in-person learning.

Dearborn Public Schools began offering free food distribution in March just days after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered schools to close to slow the spread of COVID-19.  Food distribution was initially funded under emergency provisions of the School Lunch Program.  Food distribution continued over the summer through a separate federal summer nutrition program, which ended in Dearborn with the distribution on Aug. 27.  Neither of those programs required the district to collect student information.  With the restart of school, though, Dearborn Public Schools switched back to the School Lunch Program, which normally requires each meal to be linked to a certain student.  

The district has been distributing more than 60,000 meals a week and has handed out more than 1.25 million meals since the shut down in March.“We know many of our families rely on these free school meals, and we are glad to be able continue to serve our students in this way,” said Superintendent Glenn Maleyko.

Online learning will continue through October 12th

Online learning in Dearborn will continue until at least mid October after the Board of Education approved the extension during its regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 14.

Dearborn Public Schools started the new school year on Aug. 31 all online until at least Oct. 1.  The Board’s vote on Monday night extends online learning at least until their next meeting on Oct. 12.

The district is also delaying the small group in-school learning labs it had planned to start next week.

The Dearborn community has had a high number of COVID-19 cases per resident in recent weeks, and the board felt it was not yet safe for the community to return students to in-school learning.  Besides the total number of COVID cases, the district considers the number of cases per resident and metrics like the percent of COVID tests that come back positive in the county, called the positivity rate.  The Wayne County positivity rate has risen to its highest point in months at more than 6 percent. 

Dearborn Public Schools has almost 21,000 students. About one-fifth of the students signed up to attend an online only Virtual Learning Program for this school year.  The rest will return to in-building learning once the board approves the reopening of schools.  At Monday’s meeting, the board heard different options for possibly reopening with blended learning where half of the students will attend school at one time while the other half works online from home.

The Dearborn Public Schools Board of Education will take up the issue of reopening schools again at its next meeting on Oct. 12.  The public meeting will start at 7 p.m. in the Administrative Services Center, 18700 Audette, Dearborn.  It will also be broadcast live on the district’s YouTube and cable channels, and community members will be able to submit comments online.  State law requires the Board of Education to reevaluate local COVID-19 conditions and reconsider in-school learning every month this year.

The extension of online learning also means that the weekly free student meal distributions will continue on Fridays through at least Oct. 9.  Food is available for any district student or any child under 18 in the household.  Pickups are from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Bryant Middle School, Dearborn High School, Edsel Ford High School, Fordson High School, Henry Ford Elementary, the Dearborn Heights Campus (Howe/STEM/Berry Center), Lowrey School, Maples Elementary, McCollough-Unis, McDonald Elementary, Miller Elementary, Salina Intermediate, Smith Middle School, Stout Middle School and Woodworth Middle School. 

For more details on food distribution or for the latest information about online schooling, please visit the district website at

Student Attendance

Dear Parents,

A friendly reminder: Even though school is online now, attendance is still being taken. The same procedures as before for absences are required if your child cannot attend class. If your child is absent, sick or having technical issues please let the teacher know by emailing, going to parent connect and follow the instructions for absences, calling the attendance line 24hrs and leave a message (313) 827-6750. Please make sure you clearly state the date, name of the child, teacher and reason for absence.

Thank you for your patience and consideration during these trying times. We will get through this. Stay strong!!!!