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5th Graders Promotion Ceremony

River Oaks Elementary presents the 5th graders Promotion Ceremony.

Monday June 14th at 10:00 am

It will held on the front lawn of the school. We will be following all COVID 19 rules. Please wear a mask at all times. Due to social distancing we can only have 2 adults attending for each student. Sorry no siblings can attend.

Please NO balloons allowed, it is a big distraction for the people sitting behind you.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to seeing everyone Monday June 14th.

School Store Sale

Next week we will be having a sale on the school store merchandise. The sale will be Monday June 7th and Tuesday June 8th. Then again on Thursday June 10th and Friday June 11th. Look for Mrs. Wolski or Ms. Sandi outside by the bus lane. Everything will be on sale. We want to clear out this year’s stuff so we can bring in new things for next school year. Happy shopping.

Summer School

If you are still interested in summer school for your child please call the main office at 313-827-6750.

Today is the last day to sign up for summer school. It will be held Mondays thru Thursdays. The hours are 9:00 – 2:00 or 9:00 – 5:00.

The teachers for summer school will be all River Oaks teachers. There will be reading, writing and math along with lots of fun activities. Please call the office today to sign up your children for summer school.

District Launching Dearborn Public Virtual K-12 School in Fall

Fall enrollment open for new Virtual K-12 School
Dearborn Schools plans to reopen for the new school year with face-to-face learning all day every day for our students.

For parents and students who want to continue learning online only, the district is launching the new Dearborn Public Schools Virtual K-12.

Virtual K-12 students will be taught live all-day, every day by Dearborn Public School teachers in a virtual classroom with other online-only students. Classes will follow Dearborn Public Schools curriculum, class times and calendar. The program is open to kindergarten through 12th grade students living in the Dearborn Public Schools district. Students who transfer to or enroll in the Virtual K-12 School are committing to the program for the entire school year.

Parents need to register students for the new school by June 8, 2021 by contacting the school office.
Please visit the Virtual K-12 School website to learn more.