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Grade Teacher   Blog Link
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Pre-school Julie Bass  bassj@dearbornschools.org Ms. Bass’s Blog
Kindergarten Beth Kemian  kemianb1@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Kemian’s Blog
Kindergarten Cheryl Caillouette cailloc@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Caillouette’s Blog
Kindergarten Laura Scipione  scipiol@dearbornschools.org Ms. Scipione’s Blog
First Grade Janet Holmes holmesj@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Holmes’s Blog
First Grade Diane Sims simsd@dearbornschools.org Ms. Sims’s Blog
Second Grade Nyfa Al-Zaharnah alzahan@dearbornschools.org Ms. Al-Zaharnah’s Blog
Second Grade Kathy Darby darbyk@dearbornschools.org Ms. Darby’s Blog
Second Grade Jeanette Fowler fowlerj@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Fowler’s Blog
Third Grade Zahara Attia attiaz@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Attia’s Blog
Third Grade Jeff Wojtowicz wojtowj@dearbornschools.org Mr. Wojtowicz’s Blog
Third/Fourth Grade Kellie Wetter meyersk1@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Wetter’s Blog
Fourth Grade Nora Alsaidi alsaida@dearbornschools.org  Ms. Alsaidi’s Blog
Fourth Grade Sarah Quartana  quartas@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Quartana’s Blog
Fifth Grade Mary Chamseddine darwism1@dearbornschools.org Ms. Chamseddine’s Blog
Fifth Grade Vivian Johnson  johnsov@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Johnson’s Blog
Fifth Grade Jeanette Schafer  schafej@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Schafer’s Blog
Fifth Grade Allison Wolski wolskia1@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Wolski’s Blog
Literacy Coach Anne-Marie Walters waltera@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Walter’s Blog
English Language Development Specialist Rawan Khuja khujar@dearbornschools.org Ms.Khuha’s Blog
Reading Interventionist Amanda Qandah qandaha@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Merhi’s Blog 
Reading Interventionist  Lyndsay Glover gloverl@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Glover’s Blog
Gym Linda Webb webbl@dearbornschools.org Ms. Webb’s Blog
Vocal Music Conda Green greenc@dearbornschools.org Ms. Green’s Blog
Technology Ban Kizy kizyb@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Kizy’s Blog
Secretary Debbie Sitarski sitarsd@dearbornschools.org
Community Liaison Sandi Merrow merrows@dearbornschools.org
Social Worker Nicole Sobh  sobhn1@dearbornschools.org
Resource Teacher Jackie Brusco bruscoj@dearbornschools.org Mrs. Brusco’s Blog
 Social Worker Rikuya Hassan  hassanr2@dearbornschools.org
Media Secretary Laurie Kurth kurthl@dearbornschools.org
Psychologist  Kristen Wrase  wrasek@dearbornschools.org
Speech Brenda Soverinsky  soverib@dearbornschools.org
Building Engineer Homer Stone stoneh@dearbornschools.org
Art William Cares caresw@dearbornschools.org  Mr. Cares Blog
Food Service Sana Khatib khatibs1@dearbornschools.org
Instrumental Music Greg Gozzard gozzarg@dearborn.k12.mi.us

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