River Oaks

Teacher/Staff Appreciation

The week of May 8th -12th is Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

PTA would like to celebrate the week with our amazing staff. We are asking for donations to celebrate with the staff. If you are interested in helping, here are some items we are looking for.

Paper products – plates, napkins, silverware. Plastic cups . Case of water, Pop regular and diet. Please drop off all donations in the main office. Thank you for your support

On Wednesday May 10th we are having a dessert bar. If you would like to donate any sweets please let Sandi in the office know. 313-827-6750


MONDAY – Become a reporter! Write or draw a picture about your teacher or favorite staff member. Share the picture on Monday to your teacher.

TUESDAY – Every Super Hero needs vital tools! Bring in your your teacher’s favorite school supply.

WEDNESDAY – Be your teacher’s side kick and wear their favorite color.

THURSDAY – Help your teacher have a sunny day with some fresh flowers. Bring in a flower or two for your teacher.

FRIDAY – You’ve been promoted to Super Student! Wear a super hero T-Shirt! Bring in a super size candy bar for your teacher!

Thank you for all your support this week…