River Oaks

Cold weather is here!

Guidelines for Cold Weather Gearwinter-coat-drive-clipart-1.gif

In an effort to keep our Rockets safe and healthy, we will begin using the following procedures for recess during cold weather.  Please plan to send your child to school with the following gear based on morning temperatures.  Although the temperature often warms up during the day, using the morning “feels like” or “wind chill” temperature will help us to be prepared to stay warm while we play in the fresh air.

Students may go outside for recess multiple times daily when the “feels like” or “wind chill” temperature is 20 degrees or above.  In the case of extreme weather or rain, students will stay indoors.  Students will be required to keep the items below ON their bodies at all times during recess.  It is our hope that this will also cut down on the number of items in the Lost and Found.

Students without the following items will be required to stay indoors for recess and will receive a note home.  Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of our Rockets safe and warm this winter!

32 degrees or below:

  • Hat
  • Gloves or mittensimgres.jpgimages.jpg
  • Winter coat

32-40 degrees:

  • Winter coat  (insulated or double layered)


40-49 degrees:

  • Double-layered long-sleeved hoodie or fleece


50-59 degrees:

  • Long-sleeves

**Boots required when there is snow on the ground