Outdoor recess

Just a reminder the students do line up and go outside for recess during the winter months. Please be sure you send your child to school with boots, hats, gloves, a winter coat. Also please send in a extra pair of socks and a pair of shoes they can keep in their locker during the week. Students line up and go out for recess as long as the temperature is 20 degrees or warmer.

The guidelines we use to determine if students will go outside for recess or have inside line-up for arrival are a combined temperature and windchill of below 20 degrees.  Therefore, if the weather is below 20 degrees, students will remain inside for recess.

Please remember to always dress appropriately for the weather; students will need coats/jackets, snow pants, boots, hats, scarves and gloves to ensure their safety and well-being when we have outdoor recess!

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